Games & Violence Workshop

Laboratory for Studies of Visual Culture and Contemporary Art at European Humanities University (EHU) and the research community Games & Scholars announces the second interdisciplinary workshop on game studies “Games & Violence”.

Disputes about games and violence are commonplace in critical and ordinary discourse around computer games. But how to re-evaluate this problem critically within humanities and social sciences? The workshop invites researchers, enthusiasts and critics to talk about violence in video games and around them, based on original empirical and theoretical research.

Next topics are offered for discussion:

  • A poignant spectacle: visual (as) violence in aesthetics of video games;
  • Meanings of violence in games: symbolic, metaphoric, carnavalesque;
  • History and simulation: war in games and games of war;
  • Games as repressive mechanisms: politics, moral, communication in gaming communities;
  • The Interactive Other: gender- and nationality-related violence in video games, etc.

The workshop will take place on April 16-17 in Vilnius.The program of workshop will include presentations from lecturers and researchers from European Humanities University and other European universities. Working languages are Russian and English, presentation in different languages will be divided into two consequent sections.

Important! Researchers who want to present their own work can submit a 200 words abstract through an online form. Selected speakers will be awarded an official certificate of participation and an opportunity to prepare and publish an academic article in one of the university’s journals.  Invitations to participate are given out based on originality of research, relevance, recentness and quality of cited literature, and academic portfolio. Everyone is welcome to join the workshop as a guest.

The application deadline for participants who need a visa to travel to Lithuania is March 10. Those who do not need the visa may apply until March 31.

Both participants and guests from CIS countries can apply for funding to cover the stay in Vilnius at a budget hotel for one or two nights, as well as for a short-term visa. The applicants should specify their demands in the online form and fill it no later than March 10. Visa support and accommodation may be provided, if timely requested, based on academic portfolio regardless of the results of presentation selection.

There are no other travel grants available at the moment, but EHU encourages participants to apply for travel grants at their own institutions and provides required paperwork for it.

If you have any questions, please direct it to games.and.scholars @

The official page of the event in Facebook.

More information about this workshop, as well as future events related to game studies, can be found on the official Facebook page.

Автор: Workshop Committee

Games & Scholars is an informal academic community of alien game studies scholars. We organize study events on thought-provoking topics. Marginal and proud 💜

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