“Games & Gender” — The Program

12:15 Aleksandra Mochocka “Defining the Player in the 1990s: Implicit
Rules of Play in Magia I Miecz and Portal Tabletop Role-Playing
Game Magazines”
12:45 Marijam Didžgalvytė “Liberal Feminism Vs Material Feminism in the
Games Industry” 301
13:15 Lunch at the cafe “Kino Studija” (Nemenčinės pl. 2
Vilnius, Lithuania LT10102)

Part II “Performing Gender in Video Games: Creating Norms in Virtual Environments”

15:00 Maksim Podvalnyi “Truth Is, the Game Was Rigged From the Start’:
Character Creation in a CRPG as a Manifesto of Game’s Gender
15:30 Magdalena Bednorz “Heroine’s Journey to Love: Quests and Travel
in Female-Oriented Romantic Subplots in Bioware’s Fantasy RPGs”
16:00 Coffee break
16:15 Piotr Sterczewski “Dancing Away Manhood’. Gender Performance,
Camp Aesthetics and Ironic Masculinity in Dance Games”
16:45 Andrea Bergamini “MMORPGs Between Gender Experimentation,
Self-Discovery and Confirmation Bias”
17:15 Tereza Krobova “Playing Gender in Video Games”
17:45 Final remarks by the project manager Alesja Serada
19:00 Dinner in the Old Town (venue TBA)

November 4, Saturday

11:00 Panel Discussion: “How to Talk and Write about Games and
Gender (and Where to Publish)” (moderated by Alesja Serada)
13:00 Closing time
15:00 Guided tour around the city

Автор: Workshop Committee

Games & Scholars is an informal academic community of alien game studies scholars. We organize study events on thought-provoking topics. Marginal and proud 💜

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