International Workshop “Games & Gender”

The Laboratory of Studies of Visual Culture and Contemporary Art at the European Humanities University (EHU) in Vilnius announces a contest for potential speakers at the international workshop “Games & Gender”.

The gender question in video games is one of the most fiercely discussed in contemporary culture studies. Main goals of the seminar are to specify intersection points between gender studies and game studies and to demonstrate that it is possible to solve actual problems in this field by civilized academic discussion.

Philologists, culture researchers, sociologists and media researchers, as well as everyone interested in gender and game studies are invited to discuss the following topics:

  • Representation of women in video games: feminist criticism;
  • LGBTQ+ in games: sexuality of characters, players’ reception;
  • Variety of genders in virtual worlds of video games;
  • Gender aspects of differences between games and players in different countries and cultures;
  • Game subcultures, gender and social capital;
  • and more.

On the first day of workshop, young scholars from Eastern Europe who specialize in gender aspects of games, as well as students and young researchers who were selected in the contest are presenting their research papers. A panel for public discussions of the most important topics will be held on the second day of the conference.

Everyone who is interested in games and/or gender in context of contemporary media is invited to the seminar. If game studies are an important part of the academic career of the participant, he is offered to present the research at the workshop. To be invited, participants need to prepare a talk about 25 minutes long and compile an abstract of approximately 250-300 words. Applications from students of all programs, as well as from university graduates who are professionally working with games are accepted.

The working language of the workshop is English. Applications in other languages are automatically excluded from the contest, although it is acceptable to translate already existing papers into English. The expected level of participants’ English is Upper Intermediate and higher.The main criteria of the selection are originality of research, references to recent publications in game and/or gender studies and uniqueness of empirical material.

NB! Deadline for applications of speakers is October, 8. To register, please fill in the registration form. If you have questions regarding the workshop, please contact via

After reception of all the applications the Committee of EHU lecturers and game practitioners is selecting three winners. They will receive travel grants sufficient for a two days trip to Vilnius, and also help with accommodation. Young researchers whose applications are next to best but have potential will also be invited to Vilnius at their own expense. All speakers will be able to present their research to colleagues from other countries, receive valuable advice on its improvement, learn about many opportunities for game researchers in Eastern Europe, and more.

All speakers will receive certificates to prove their participation in the workshop.

Автор: Workshop Committee

Games & Scholars is an informal academic community of alien game studies scholars. We organize study events on thought-provoking topics. Marginal and proud 💜

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